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Telephones: 00 34 607 710 241 - 00 34 910 587 771

Terms and Conditions

These notes are for your guidance during your student’s stay, who will be carefully selected to match your own to make sure it will be an enjoyable experience for everybody.

ALLOWANCE: An allowance of £800 will be paid to cover all living expenses, including school meals and bus transport to school: just a week after the students’ arrival you will receive a cheque in full payment of the allowance at our Bowling Meeting on Saturday 30th June -you can also ask for a posted cheque on arrival, and in some cases we come to other agreements as circumstances do vary: school trips, etc… Please, don’t hesitate to ask if this is your case-.

Of course, if, for any reason, a child has to be removed and placed with another host family, payment will be adjusted accordingly per night.

During the child’s stay, we would like you to simply regard her or him as “part of the family” in every sense: jobs around the house, manners, home rules, duties, etc… We encourage our students to collaborate as much as your own children.

YOUR responsibilities are:


Collecting your student from MANCHESTER AIRPORT:

Students flying FROM MADRID


DATE: Friday 22nd June

TIME: 13.00 (1.00 pm in the afternoon)

Airline: RYANAIR

Flight Number: FR3186

Landing time: 12.20 h (afternoon)

Students flying FROM BILBAO


DATE: Friday 22nd June

TIME: 19.00 (7 pm in the evening)

Airline: EASYJET

Flight Number: EZY1878

Landing time: 18:30 h


Delivering your student to MANCHESTER AIRPORT:

Students flying back TO MADRID

“DROP OFF” POINT: TERMINAL 3, at the first main door you find as you pass driving the terminal building (no need to park at the car park or walk to the terminal building)

DATE: Wednesday 18th July

MEETING TIME: 4:00 am at night (take off time 6.30 am)

Airline: RYANAIR

Flight Number: FR3187

Landing time in Madrid: 10.05 am

Students flying back TO BILBAO

“DROP OFF” POINT: TERMINAL 1, designated “drop off area”

DATE: Wednesday 18th July

MEETING TIME: 11:00 am (take off time 13.50 am)

Airline: EASYJET

Flight Number: EZY1877

Landing time in BILBAO: 17.00 am

Attending our Bowling Meeting for all the families and students:

DATE: Saturday 30th June

PLACE: Trafford Centre Bowling Alley


Up to 12-year-old students: 11.00 am

13-year-old students: 13.00

14-year-old: 15:00

15-year-olds and over: 17:00

Taking our “Presentation Letter for Schools” to your child’s school to check that your Spanish student will be welcome to attend “shadowing” your child –you don’t have to do this if you have heard about Student Links via your school-. You will find this letter on our website ready to print –most schools are very helpful with our programme as they consider it enriching for everybody-.

Our students are not supposed to see others in the group, but please, contact us if you want to make other arrangements (best friends in the group, brothers and sisters, etc…)

We hope friendship will arise between your child and his or her Spanish buddy but we want to ask you not to invite your student over in school periods without Student Links’s supervision –this is a requirement from the schools we need to respect-. Thank you very much.

Should you have any problems, however trivial they may appear, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so that they may be sorted out at once. Experience has taught us that a small problem, not dealt with in time, can turn into a bigger one. Anyway, we are sure you will enjoy this experience; we’re very proud of the great amount of good friends which have been made through our programme over the last 30 years.

IMPORTANT: A person from the organization will be avalaible 24 hours/day on a mobile number. If you have any queries please contact Ana Martin on:

Ana Martin – Telephone: 00 34 607 710 241 (you can also text a message and we’ll get back to you)

e-mail address:

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