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Magnus is a interestingly good and depiction that is strong of for a dream series.

Magnus is a interestingly good and depiction that is strong of for a dream series.

5 Sara Lance from DCTV

Sara initially appeared on Arrow while the Black that is original canary eventually, she became the White Canary while her cousin took within the mantle of Black Canary/Black Siren. Now, Sara is amongst the characters that are main Legend of Tomorrow. She’s got often crossed amongst the various programs in the DCTV world. Sara’s first relationship ended up being with Nyssa Al Ghul, ever since then she’s got flirted with or held it’s place in relationships with a few females. Among the good reasons for having Sara’s sex is the fact that she plainly includes a choice for ladies, but this woman is still bi. It demonstrates to you might have a choice and nevertheless retain your bisexuality regardless of what anybody states.

4 Magnus Bane from Shadowhunters

Magnus is an interestingly positive and strong depiction of bisexuality for the dream show. Shadowhunters has also won prizes when it comes to series by GLAAD because of its depictions. Magnus is going and proud as a bisexual however it does not determine their entire character either. He could be monogamous, and their character is presented in a good light as a hero. He previously a powerful relationship with a lady in their past, Camille Belcourt, but fundamentally their heart lies with all the shadowhunter, Alec Lightwood. Their relationship is considered the most popular regarding the show.

3 Callie Torres from Grey’s Structure

You will never make an inventory about bisexual tv figures without mentioning Callie Torres.

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