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Individuals watched stimuli while setting up with a mix of earplugs…

Individuals watched stimuli while setting up with a mix of earplugs…


Participants’ sexual orientation had been examined making use of self-reported identities , along with with a modified Kinsey rating, which asked individuals about their intimate fantasies throughout adulthood along with the year that is past. The scale ranged from 0 to 6, with 0 corresponding to an solely heterosexual orientation and 6 matching to a solely homosexual orientation. Reactions to questions regarding adulthood and about the previous 12 months were averaged to produce a Kinsey rating for every single participant.

Stimuli and Procedure

Topics experienced two experimental paradigms in the scanner: very very first erotic images had been shown ( over a length of

21 moments), and videos that are then erotic shown ( over a length of

19 moments) after having a rest period that is brief. Photo stimuli were shown before movie stimuli for several individuals so as to market stimulus engagement. That is, it was thought that possibly less intense stimuli could be better presented earlier in the day within the session that is experimental attentional resources are highest. Further, there was clearly concern that first showing more intense stimuli would reduce engagement with subsequent stimuli. As a result, images and videos stimuli are not counterbalanced with regards to one another.

Individuals watched stimuli while setting up with a mixture of earplugs (to attenuate scanner sound) and headphones that are over-earfor video clip noise and interaction with experimenters).

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